The Europe Direct Information Centre of South Ostrobothnia organised EU in South Ostrobothnia event in Alajärvi on 5th March 2020. Organised at the multi-purpose hall of Alajärvi town, the event discussed the sustainable approaches to global development that need to be taken into actions as soon as possible. Important themes that focused on the global environment and climate issues brought many people to listen and learn.

The event begun with coffee service and the showcase of 20 different EU funded projects that are in operation in the region. After the opening words by the chairman of Alajärvi City Council, Esko Rintamäki, the keynote speaker Ismo Ulvila from the European Commission informed the audience about the European Green Deal strategy. The focus of the strategy is to design a set of deeply transformative policies that enables energy resources, economics, food system and mobility to move towards more sustainable future that has zero pollution impact on the environment, a flourishing biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. The FINCH project supports these goals with its intention to develop regional policies on cultural heritage valorisation policies that would have a long-term social and economic impacts and supports environmentally friendly development. ¬¬ 

After the seminar, participants had the opportunity to further explore the projects on display. The FINCH project received a lot of enthusiastic feedback as cultural heritage is seen as an important and significant subject in the South Ostrobothnia region. Participating the event, FINCH project had the perfect chance to spread information and to inspire local actors with possibilities to enhance local heritage locations and the sustainability of their environment.