The FINCH Vth International Workshop took place in Lodzkie Region (Poland) on the 23th – 24th of October, 2019. Project partners and Stakeholders discussed and jointly looked for the new solutions for financing the cultural heritage.

The good practices presented by the Finch Polish Partner - Lodzkie Region included:

• Introduction of the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Lodz - The Philharmonic was renovated within the Regional Operational Programme for the Lodzkie Region for the years 2007-2013 with the European Regional Development Funds co-financing, which was a huge trigger to its great further development. The philharmonic is trying to meet the needs of a wide audience, conducting projects not only for demanding publicity, but also targeting in other groups, like children and general public, and also throughout the region, organizing the Traveling Festival "Colors of Poland" in Lodzkie Region;

Cultural Park: "Town of Weavers", located in the city of Zgierz, which is hosting various cultural events and attracts both tourists and the region’s citizens. It promotes textile traditions and the history of the Lodzkie Region and aims at creating a regional brand using the cultural heritage of the region with a special focus on the historic wooden architecture of the city of Zgierz

The Cultural Park that hosted the 2nd Polish Stakeholder Group in May 2019 :

Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia. The museum exhibits furnishings and collections of sculpture, paintings, bronzes, silvers, porcelain, glass, clocks and books. It was also supplemented by the works of both fine and decorative arts from collection of National Museum in Warsaw. Palace and the regular (French) Garden in Nieborów as well as English (Romantic sentimental) Garden in Arkadia were renovated and made available for visitors as Palace-Garden Residence. Nieborów Museum serves also as the venue for international conferences and diplomatic meetings.

• the European Institute in the city of Lodz, activity where partners had the opportunity to familiarize with its history and some projects involving this organization. The Institute is also linked to the activities related to the growing film industry in the region - as renting spaces for the needs of many film adaptations. 

• the Museum of Art in Lodz - MS1, which is one of the oldest museums of modern art in the world. The museums' mission is "providing an appropriate environment for contemporary audiences to interact with the heritage of past and present generations of artists which can inspire them to develop the ability to independently see, understand and experience the world around". This mission goal is pursued by collecting, preserving and studying works of art, as well as by organizing artistic events and supporting and advancing research, education and promotion of art at all levels.