The fourth Interregional Workshop meeting was organized and hosted by PP3 - Development Bank Saxony-Anhalt and took place in Haldensleben and Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt, on 12th -13th June 2019.

Partners were welcomed at Schloss Hundisburg, a historic baroque castle in Saxony-Anhalt. Dr. Harald Blanke, who is in charge of the castle's administration introduced the guests to the castle's history, gave a detailed insight into the castle's financing, and talked about the daily use of the castle and its grounds. Within his presentation, he explained the set-up of the private association through which the castle's renovation, events, and activities are being funded. One of the castle's main events, the "Summer Music Academy", in combination with the cultural program, bring the castle to life and help to raise funds. Also, the castle's garden is part of the "Garden dreams" project, managed by a private association created for linking and marketing historical gardens in Saxony-Anhalt.

The second day was dedicated to a visit to the fortress "Ravelin 2" and to a detailed insight into its history, finances and the supporting private association. The representant of Volksbank Magdeburg presented crowd funding as a light financial instrument .

During the peer review sessions, the partners and stakeholders focused on the following best practices: "Garden dreams" "Hotel and restaurant in the castle", "Summer Music Academy" and "Crowd funding"

The next Interregional Workshop will be hosted and organized by Lodzkie Region, the Polish Regional Authority partner of Finch Project, on the 23rd - 24th October 2019.