The third meeting within the Regional Stakeholder Group took place on the 24th of July 2019 in Radziwiłł Palace in Nieborów and Romantic Park in Arkadia  which is the Division of the National Museum in Warsaw.

The representatives of the Museum and Lodzkie Region were talking about the financing of the development of regional cultural heritage.

The Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia was set up in 1945. It includes Radziwiłł's Palace and Garden in Nieborów and Romantic Garden of Helena Radziwiłł in Arkadia. Till the end of January 1945, both, the Palace in Nieborów and the Garden in Arkadia, were a part of the estate of Duke Janusz Radziwiłł, the lord of Ołyka and the owner of Nieborów–Mysłaków lands. However, in February 1945 the whole Radziwiłł family was deported by NKVD into the Soviet Union to the labour camp in Krasnogorsk. Just after that happened, Stanisław Lorentz, then the Director of National Museum in Warsaw, fulfilling earlier agreement with Radziwiłł, made the unique Palace in Nieborow together with the whole collection of its goods and the Arkadia's Garden a part of Warsaw's National Museum, which saved them from the devastation in the period of orthodox stalinism.

Nowadays, Nieborów is the residenital museum of interiors from the period of 17th to 19th century. The museum exhibits furnishings and collections of sculpture, paintings, bronzes, silvers, porcelain, glass, clocks and books. It was also supplemented by the works of both fine and decorative arts from collection of National Museum in Warsaw. Palace and the regular (French) Garden in Nieborów as well as English (Romantic sentimental) Garden in Arkadia were renovated and made available for visitors as Palace-Garden Residence. In 1987 Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia was awarded with Golden Medal by the Ministrer of Culture and Fine Arts and in 1994 with European Award – ‘Europa-Preis für Denkmalphlege’ by foundation FVS in Hamburg for preservation and maintenance of Nieborów–Arkadia Palace-Garden Residence.

 In 1945, together with establishing museum of interiors, the Creative Works Centre for writers, artists and scientists was founded. It is situated in the rooms on the third floor of the palace and in Hunting Pavilion. Nieborów Museum serves also as the venue for international conferences and diplomatic meetings.

The participants discussed the problems with obtaining external funds for the development of the Radziwiłł Palace in Nieborów and Romantic Park in Arkadia, also in relation to the situation of other cultural institutions in the region. Good practices and experiences gained and collected during the last FINCH project Partners Meeting, provided by Bank Saxony – Anhalt – in Magdeburg (Germany) were analysed and discussed during the meeting. 

For sure, the activity of the Radziwiłł's Palace and Garden in Nieborów and Romantic Garden of Helena Radziwiłł in Arkadia will be one of the cases to peer-review within our next meeting in Poland in the Lodzkie Region in October 2019