FINCH Polish Stakeholder Group - led by Lodzkie Region - is strengthened by a new membership: the National Heritage Board of Poland.

The National Heritage Board of Poland (NHB) raises social awareness of Poland's cultural heritage in order to preserve it for future generations in accordance with the sustainable development strategy. 

Amongst the numerous NHB's functions is noteworthy mentioning that

  • it  keeps the Register of Monuments and National Inventory of Monuments, forms digital information resources about tangible heritage and establishes new techniques for scientific documentation and research on monuments
  • it supervises the preparation of periodic reports on Polish sites and objects placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • it coordinates the procedure of submitting applications for nomination by the President of Poland particular sites and objects as the Monuments of History
  • it is the coordinator of the International Day of Monuments Protection in Poland: on the occasion of this event, during a ceremonial gala, awards are given in the "Well-groomed Monument" competition. The aim of the competition is to promote proper care of monuments - exemplary research, conservation, revalorization and adaptation works, as well as systematic actions for the proper conservation of monuments
  • the website - National Heritage Institute - was singled out as an example of best practice in the European Commission's Report on Cultural Heritage: Digitisation, Online Accessibility and Digital Preservation  in the field of 3D digitisation of immovable cultural heritage (2015-2017). The project ZABYTEK.PL is a modern way of providing information about Polish monuments and historical buildings, along with descriptions, photos, interesting digital materials and their location, integrated with map portal administrated by NHB. Every object location data, and its characteristics are based on detailed spatial data from NHB spatial database. 

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