FINCH Facebook page reached today - 30th May 2019 - 100 LIKES and 125 followers and would like to thank all partners, stakeholders and other institutions that helped us to get this first communication goal !

The first post was published less than a year ago, on July 2018, in occasion of the Kick off meeting, hosted in Torino (Italy) by the Lead Partner, Regione Piemonte in collaboration with the Advisory Partner.

The peak of activity was reached thanks to a post had 1.286 viewers and 277 interactions in relation to  the participation of FINCH partnership to the event organised and hosted by the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia: the  3rd Interregional Workshop held in Finland in April 2019.

Following, the second highest coverage  (988 viewers, 101 interactions) is related to the visit of the Art Museum of Craiova in South West Oltenia Region (Romania) for the 2nd Interregional Workshop occurred in March 2019.

The 3rd place (with 433 viewers, 252 interactions) dates back to November 2018 when FINCH partners participated to the 1st Interregional Workshop held in Italy organised by the Lead Partner, Regione Piemonte.

All you have to do now is to visit our FINCH Facebook Page and LIKE it!