On the 24th of January 2019 the University of Turin, in accordance with its role of Advisory partner, has attended the webinar on" how to design Action Plans", organized by the Joint Secretariat of Interreg Europe Programme.  

The Action Plans will be the results of the combined knowledge and learning gained through the  different activities of the FINCH project - the regional cooperation, the interregional learning process, the regional stakeholder groups, the advisory partner guide - and will have long lasting economic and social impact on cultural heritage valorisation activities in all partner regions.

The online seminar has been an opportunity to learn more about how to design Action Plans and to be inspired by previous practices, with many useful tips and suggestions. 

These tips could be summarized in 4 steps:

  • adapt the Programme template to your own context;
  • make sure the minimum information is provided;
  • make a clear link with the project;
  • ensure each action is precisely defined and relevant.

The set-up of the Actions Plans is the most important moment for a project, since it provides an insight into the outcomes of the learning process and paves the way for phase 2.

In semester 4 the Lead Partner will present the working method to be applied for structured consultation and involvement of the stakeholders groups in the Regional Action Plans, and in semester 5 the Action Plans will be elaborated according to the Interreg Europe template and with the support of the Advisory Partner - that will provide assistance also through concrete tips deriving from the “Living document on financial instruments and regulatory frameworks for the introduction of partnership with private sector” -  and of the Stakeholders Groups contributions.

See below links to specific sections of the 90-minute webinar and additional material: