FINCH partner from Finland, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, brought together the regional stakeholder group to its second meeting on 23 January 2019.

The meeting discussed the experiences presented during the visits to Biella and Torino and the functionalities of the ‘Living Document’ that will be developed throughout the first part of the project.

The experiences and impressions from the first IWM were welcomed with interest, but also with critical viewpoints. The meeting underlined the need for more clarity and details when it comes to spreading ‘good practices’ about light financial instruments.

The first version of the ‘Living Document’ was presented in the first IWM and outcomes of this meeting were related to the stakeholders. Also, the initiative for a questionnaire was brought up and the meeting attendees were presented a summary of the different themes that the questionnaire addressed. The project coordinator welcomed the stakeholders to send in perspectives or data that would be applicable in answering the questionnaire.

Many fruitful, critical and balanced viewpoints were brought up – the stakeholder group is observant and committed to its expert role. Lastly, the meeting agreed on a new gathering March, prior to the third international workshop that is organised in South Ostrobothnia.