Project News

2nd Stakeholder Meeting in South West Oltenia


Finch Partner – RDA South West Oltenia - organised and hosted the second...

Type: Project

The Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider!


The Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider with a new member: Museo Egizio just...

Type: Project

FINCH Brochure with Finnish taste!


Discover more about FINCH Project and the cultural heritage in South...

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2nd Polish Stakeholder Meeting at "Town of Weavers"


The second meeting of the Polish Regional Stakeholder Group took place in...

Type: Project

Europe Let's Cooperate, conclusions available online


An overview of what happened during "Europe, let's cooperate!" the interregional...

Type: Project

3rd Interregional Workshop in Finland


FINCH partnership joined the 3rd Interregional Workshop organised by the Finnish...

Type: Project

3rd Stakeholder meeting in South Ostrobothnia


Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia organised its third stakeholder meeting...

Type: Project

2nd Stakeholder Meeting hosted by Regione Piemonte


Finch Lead Partner - Regione Piemonte - organised and hosted the second...

Type: Project

RDA SW organised the 2nd Interregional Workshop


On 26th – 27th February, South West Oltenia Region (Romania) hosted the second...

Type: Project

Webinar on “how to design Action Plans”


Finch Advisory Partner took part to INTERREG EUROPE webinar on “how to design...

Type: Project

2nd Stakeholder Group Meeting in South Ostrobothnia


FINCH partner from Finland, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, brought...

Type: Project

1st Interregional Workshop Meeting in Italy


Regione Piemonte hosted partners and stakolders gathered for the 1st...

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