On the 19th and 20th of September 2019 in Thessaloniki (Greece) the University of Turin, Department of Management, on behalf of FINCH Project, will attend the 12th EuroMed Academy Business Conference on Business Management Theories and Practices in a Dynamic Competitive Environment.

This is one of the major Business Management conferences of its kind in terms of size, quality of content, and standing reputation of attendees. Many of the papers presented contribute significantly to the business knowledge base. Its goal is to create a friendly and approachable academy and environment, a strong network, whereby its members (including senior worldwide researchers and business practitioners) are guiding and mentoring each other. Further, participants attend at the conference’s Research Project Workshop in order to meet, improve research, collaborate with others and apply for EU project funding.

FINCH Project will be presented, and its topics discussed with researchers, universities, and businesses (private and public), governments and other organizations and students, especially from the Mediterranean and European regions. This will be an opportunity to share and increase the knowledge generated by the project, to disseminate messages and share results.

To get further information please visit event's website:  euromed2019.com