NBank organized its 4th regional stakeholder meeting on December 13th at NBank in Hannover. The meeting was focussed to involve the regional stakeholders in the decision of the identification of the most interesting good practices from the project, which can be selected for the staff exchange period in semester five of the project.

Thirteen participants joined us and listened to the presentation of all good practices collected by all project partners during the project in the themes of acceleration models, access to funding and finance and internationalisation of SMEs. All good practices had been highlighted to the audience especially in accordance to similarities and differences to available opportunities in the region of Niedersachsen for the Start-up community. After clarification of open questions and discussion, all stakeholders were invited to stick up to five points right beside the most interesting good practices. This decision is now the basis of the staff exchange, in which Niedersachsen is going to be present. Most interest had been collected for the good practices Murcia Business Angel Network, FFWD Normandy, Turin Mentoring Approach and the XPORT Accelerator. Beside this the themes of social innovation and the involvement of private actors to the public funded start-up activities had been identified as very interesting by all participants. 

The meeting closed by an explanation of the withdrawn Danish project partner from the project, upcoming dates in the project (especially the potential for hosting a staff exchange meeting in Niedersachsen and the FFWD project meeting in September in Niedersachsen) and an invitation to the audience to share the dates of their upcoming start-up events with the group. Finally all stakeholders were invited to the networking part of the meeting.