The fourth meeting of the stakeholder group took place at CEEIM’s facilities on December, 11th with the attendance of six members of the stakeholder group. Spanish partner introduced to stakeholder group of Murcia what have been done so far during the semester. All good practices identified inside the project were shared with them and five good practices linked with the second theme of the project: access to funding, were analyzed in depth. The last part of the meeting was an open discussion about what it is not being doing in the Region of Murcia and which of the good practices of the project might be interesting to import in. A lot of good ideas for the action plan came up.

Stakeholders agreed about the great amount of support entities, duplicity of activities and programs in a regional base, and the difficulty for entrepreneurs to reach the accurate institution to solve a specific problem. Attendees found interesting and also complex to centralize in one online platform all the regional support system activities. The main ideas of the discussion were to put the effort in financial training, shape and improve actual funding vehicles/programs and centralize the support system.  

All the attendees were informed about the next steps of the project: staff exchanges between April and May, next meetings in Germany and Lithuania - 3Q 2019 - and the elaboration of the REGIONAL ACTION PLAN.