AD Normandie has organised its stakheolder meeting on December 12th in its premices in Colombelles.  Six people have attented the meeting, representatives from the accelerator FFWD Normandie, of AD Normandie Invest department, Normandie Incubation and from Normandie Regional Council, our Managing authority.

The first item on the agenda of the meeting was to take stock of the actions carried out throughout the fourth semester under the project, to report on our activities but also on the good practices identified by the partners. LP presented to the stakeholders what was discussed during the last steering committee organized in Paris and what were the conclusions. Then, in terms of the administrative and financial issues, LP mentioned the upcoming deadlines to the stakeholders. Then, after having presented the main activities that occurred during the third semester of the project, the situation with the Danish partner was explained. Indeed, LP informed the stakeholders of the withdrawal of BDC North Denmark due to political reorganization at the national level. 
Also, the deliverable ‘Support to internationalisation’ was detailed.

Then, the focus was put on the elaboration of the action plan and the organization of the upcoming staff exchanges. The stakeholders have been involved in the drafting of a programme to welcome other project partners in Normandy in the frame of the staff exchanges. LP has also presented the good practices that were previously short-listed as relevant to the elaboration of AD Normandie’s action plan. Several meetings have been scheduled to work on the organization of the staff exchanges with the stakeholders, they have all shown a great interest in this opportunity.