FFWD Normandie is a unique program led by an efficient team of business developers and professionals dedicated to growing companies. They help these companies to expand their network, to reinforce their growth strategy and to achieve their most ambitious goals.

This acceleration programme is dedicated to start-ups or growing SMEs willing to accelerate their business development. The fifth season of FFWD Normandie will start in early January 2019, applications are now openned until the 29th of October 2018.

For this 5th season, Normandie Participations and its co-investor Crédit Agricole propose a first seed investment up to 150 000 €.

Two kinds of programs adapted to candidates’ profiles are proposed : a 6 month intensive program for start-ups and 12 months flexible program for SMEs.

FFWD EUROPE will provide FFWD Normandie with the opportunity of an international oppening as it is a European project involving seven countries giving access to a wide network of international stakeholders of the economic development.
Selected companies will beneficiate from the support of the local ecosystem and a simplified access to regional grants.