Monday, September 17, at the AD Normandy, the signature of the TEAM FRANCE EXPORT NORMANDY memorandum of understanding by Christophe LECOURTIER General Manager of Business France, Vianney DE CHALUS, President of the Normandy CCI, Alexandre Wahl, General Manager of the AD Normandy was held under the aegis of Jean Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region.

The NOTRE law entrusted the Region with the responsibility on its territory for guidelines on business support, support for internationalization and business innovation, as well as guidelines on the attractiveness of the regional territory.

  • Considering that nearly 6 million jobs are directly or indirectly induced by exports to France, ie almost a quarter of the employed labor force, the Normandy partners affirm their willingness to act together, in Normandy, to contribute to achieving the national objective of reducing the foreign trade deficit, increasing the number of exporting companies and increasing their export turnover in a sustainable manner.

The Xport Accelerator, a simple tool for self-diagnosis and rapid support, set up on 18 January, allows federating energies, synergizing the actors of the export and organizing the operations at the service of companies.

  •  The Xport Accelerator offers a better articulation of export priorities with regional sector strategies
  • It promotes a wider dissemination of an export culture,
  • It reduces administrative complexity and proposes competitive financing methods.

As Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian summed it up perfectly: "It is necessary to know how to show that all the sectors are concerned by the export, to develop an export culture, a ambition at the national level and a strategy at the regional level, the diplomacy is global".