Claudia Fassero - Città Metropolitana di Torino

Daniele Salanitro - Città Metropolitana di Torino

Felipe Poleri- Città Metropolitana di Torino

Nicoletta Marchiandi – Camera di Commercio di Torino

Paola Tolin – Camera di Commercio di Torino

Giovanni Pischedda- Camera di Commercio di Torino

Valeria Siliquini- S&t Srl

Enrico Melis- S&t Srl

Object: organization of Turin’s ITW on internationalization; identification best practice 

The meeting, organized by the Metropolitan City of Turin, had the dual intention of sharing with the key players of the territroy the main points in the organization of the thematic event in Turin.

 The event should have its focus on the internalization topic as a lever for buisness acceleration processes. 

At the meeting are sommound the leaders of the internationalization and innovation sector of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. The innovaton sector was also involved as a coordinator of an Alpine Space project, of which we are partners, always related to the topic of the company Scaleup. This led to the identification of a specific synergy: during the FFWD evnti in Turin a specific focus would be made on the SaleUpAlps project and on the Turin’s Chamber of Commerce services for internazionalization.  

Turin Chamber of Commerce is the subject that implements part of the regional policies on the territory (always releated to interationalization theme) and coordinates part of the activities of the Piedmont Agency for internationalization (CEIP). 

During the stakeholder meeting it was individualised the good practice of our territory: Mentoring Program. The representative of the Turin Chamber of Commerce presented the facilities of this program, that consist in the following:  

• Expert mentoring/consulting in the field of internationalization 

• International exhibitions

• Links with a piedmont International entrepreneur network