The meeting on February was dedicated to a small group of stakeholders, mostly from The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, regarding the presence of the new Minister of Economy eagerness to continue collaboration regarding the project and the promotion of business acceleration in general. At the beginning of the meeting the current status of the Interreg Europe Program was updated. Paulius Nezabitauskas and Tomas Černevičius as Kaunas STP representatives introduced the project shortly, emphasizing the importance of the project at the national and international levels.

Later Tomas Černevičius (Kaunas STP) underlined the role of the stakeholder group on project activities in relation, such as analysis of the regional situation, detection of good practices and their collaboration in the development of the Regional Action Plan, the main output of the project. The challenges such us the common balance of venture capitals and funding resources, also the role of the stakeholder group inside the project and the activities that should take place along the project lifetime were discussed.  

Gintaras Vilda (the Ministry of Economy) introduced SMEs support initiatives by the Ministry of Economy. Some of them were presented as directly applicable for Kaunas STP innovation community. The main attention was paid to the business acceleration fund creating opportunities and options. Gintaras Vilda (the Ministry of Economy) underlined it as a very convenient and must-have tool for boosting the innovative businesses in the country. 

Tomas Černevičius (Kaunas STP) pictured the exact vision which Kaunas STP is going to follow regarding acceleration possibilities. Due to recently prepared structured plan of this proposal, the discussion started involving the representative of Indeform. The need of public and private partnership was found as a key success factor in order the plan of acceleration by Kaunas STP could be turned into reality and create an additional value for SMEs.   

Paulius Nezabitauskas (Kaunas STP) was involved into the discussion suggesting to attach the practical experience of Kaunas STP alumni companies to the acceleration plan. As some alumni IT companies was established by those who now share their experience consulting outdoor companies and even international corporations, the conclusion was reached that involving such kind of consultancy would be an immersive upgrade on acceleration plan. 

Also, the entrepreneurship and new product development program was presented by Paulius Nezabitauskas (Kaunas STP) to the attendees of the meeting. The program focuses on developing innovative technology-based business ideas in Industry 4.0 based on unique set of carefully selected international methodologies. The representatives evaluated this program as an initiative to unify the model science and technology park in Lithuania could operate.  

Both, the plan of acceleration program and the entrepreneurship and new product development program were presented to the broader audience of stakeholders on the 20th of March, in the Ministry of Economy. 

 Main results of the meeting: 

    1. Summary of the current situation of innovative SMEs was outlined: balance of venture capital and funding resources is needed. Continuity and close collaboration between stakeholders was again stressed as an essential tool needed in forms of common entrepreneurship events and participation in consultation meetings. 

    2. Involving the successful Kaunas STP alumni companies with the competent consultants behind them could make the acceleration possibilities more competitive.

    3. Initiatives from Kaunas STP on business acceleration and the entrepreneurship and new product development program envisioned as perspective steps towards more efficient and unified innovation ecosystem support.