The third meeting of the stakeholder group began with the reminder of the general objective of the Interreg Europe Program and follows it also with the presentation of the project framework by the regional leader partner (CEEIM, Ignacio Uzquiza)–the chronological frame, the role of the stakeholder group inside the project and the activities that should take place along the project lifetime-.

After that, it was described what CEEIM has done during the third semester, highlighting the identification and selection of three Good Practices about the third subtopic - internationalization. Attendees were informed also about the participation in the two –days event, the third Interregional Workshop in Turin on March – detailing all the activities done, all good practices presented and the main outcomes archived. By other hand, there was a special mention on the recent internal meeting in Budapest, Hungary. It was emphasized the need for begin to work on the main axes of the Action Plan. It was also detailed the visit to the Start IT @K&H.  

Once the stakeholders were updated with the recent activities they were informed about all the good practices (27) identified in the project. The main characteristics and features of all the practices were analyzed and discussed one by one. They found very interesting and feasible to apply in the regional framework two good practices: (i) Access to funding in North Denmark and (ii) The Mentoring Program of the Camara di Comercio di Torino (CCIATO).  

The last part of the meeting was an open discussion about the gaps and the areas of improvement regarding the three subthemes of the project in our Region and the next milestones of the projects.