On Thursday 31st of May, NBank organised its third regional stakeholders meeting. For the first time all of the newly established “Start-up Centers” were invited to join the meeting, three of them took the chance to meet up with the existing FFWD stakeholder group in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The meeting started with impressions and lessons learnt from the third international project meeting in Turin, which was focussed on “Internationalization of SMEs”. This part was strongly supported by the representative of Niedersachsens Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Digitization and the representative from embeteco GmbH who both joined the Turin meeting. The most interesting examples had been discussed with all stakeholders. Especially the strong involvement of mentoring schemes and programs was of interest for the stakeholders.

For the second part of the meeting a representative from the Interreg Europe project Smart Internationalization Exchange was invited to speak about the project. The SIE project is focussing on FFWD this semesters focus “Internationalization for SMEs”. In the frame of the SIE project NBank made a SME consultation within Niedersachsen and asked which support and grant services they use and which they wish to be expanded or newly established in the future.