On March the 28th, the Metropolitan City of Turin presented the project FFWD EUROPE to its regional stakeholders among other European projects in which the Metropolitan City participates.
FFWD EUROPE has a great importance for the Metropolitan City of Turin. It appears that the project integrates the different initiatives of the other European projects, in order to improve local governance and policies for growth and innovation, with the aim of avoiding duplication and creating synergies between different projects and the available sources.

Concerning the main goal of FFWD EUROPE, it has been shown during the meeting that FFWD EUROPE will try to improve the Piedmont Region Policy Instrument ESF ROP 2014-2020 Axis 1 “Employment”, Priority 8i, 5.0.1, Action 2 ‘Support services for innovative start-ups, spin-offs of public research”.

The Metropolitan City of Turin is currently partner of  5 EU Territorial cooperation projects:
-    EcoRis3
-    SCALE(up)ALPS
-    InFocus

Finally, Piedmont Region illustrated the Interreg Europe projects in which they are partner (Clusters3, Retrace, P2L2), Institute “Mario Boella” illustrated their activities in the field of technology transfer and applied research on ICTs; Turin Chamber of Commerce illustrated their several initiatives to support innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Also, the Industrial Union and other associations, as well as "Mesap" - Mechatronics and Advanced Production Systems Innovation Pole and Bio-industry Park illustrated their initiatives and activities. All the participants expressed a high interest to be informed and involved in the next steps of FFWD EUROPE project.