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FFWD Normandie 5th season kick-off event


On January 10th, FFWD Normandie has held the kick-off event of the 5th Season of...

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Fourth stakeholder meeting in Normandy


On Wednesday 12th of December 2018, AD Normandie has organised its fourth...

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5th Steering committee in Paris


On Friday, all the partners of the project met in Paris for our 5th Steering...

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Fostering entrepreneurship and business creation


On the 14 th of November 2018, representatives of the FFWD Europe project, Vaiva...

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Accelerator Xport Memorandum of Understanding


Signature of the Accelerator Xport Memorandum of Understanding

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Opening of FFWD Normandie Season 5 applications


The fifth season of FFWD Normandie will start in January 2019. The appplications...

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Third stakeholders meeting in Spain


The third meeting of the stakeholder group began with the reminder of the...

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Third stakeholders meeting in Denmark


The meeting started with a short presentation round and what were done so far:...

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4th Interregional Workshop in Budapest


We proudly present that on the 21-22 June 2018, IFKA has organized the fourth...

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4th Steering committee in Budapest


On the 20 and 21 June 2018, the fourth Steering committee of the project was...

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Third stakeholders meeting at AD Normandie


On Friday 8 June 2018, AD Normandie organised its third stakeholders meeting in...

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Third stakeholder meeting in Poland


On the 7th of June 2018, PRDF has hosted its third stakeholder meeting.

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