The 5th FEMINA convention, which was due to be held in Bucharest (Romania), also had to be held in virtual form due to the Covid-19 outbreak. During the meeting, partners presented and received feedback on the Draft Action Plans.

Dealing with the current Virtual Covid Reality 

Although physical meetings and exchange are important aspects of Interreg-projects, FEMINA believes that we have found good ways to interact and exchange in virtual form. To make up for activities meant to take place in the convention, FEMINA partners have created a plan to work on action plans with stakeholders, mentors, and GP-owners over the remaining time of semester 5. 

Draft Action Plans and Mentoring Groups

Most partners have been able to develop good draft action plans in cooperation with their regional stakeholders. Other partners have found it more difficult to meet with relevant stakeholders and have found creating their draft Action Plans to be more challenging. During the virtual convention, partners presented their draft action plans and how they plan to implement them in their regions. Based on this, Lead Partner Arezzo Innvazzione and Advisory Partner GCE NODE will put together mentoring groups for each region consisting of representatives from Lead partner, Advisory partner/Advisory Board, and owners of Good practices that the regions want to implement. 

The time ahead

During the virtual convention, discussions showed that the majority of partners do not need an extension to phase 1. Other measures will be further analyzed by each partner based on their needs and availability of resources.

The next months will consist of Mentoring sessions and Action Plan finalization in preparation to start implementing and monitoring the actions in phase 2.