Monday 7/9-20 marked the kick-off for a new round of the Norwegian equality certification Equal Worklife (Likestilt Arbeidsliv). FEMINA Advisory partner, GCE NODE, participated to gain insight on the certification. 

The certification offers a holistic approach to businesses wanting to improve their work with equality and diversity with their seven-area-method. The certification starts with working on anchoring the work in the organization’s way of thinking and working in all levels of the organization. Furthermore, the certification focuses on an inclusive work environment, recruitment, facilitation, full time positions, phase of life, and equal pay.

Speakers from certified businesses, The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, regional politicians, and researchers shed light on practical approaches to the work, legal frame lines, regional factors, and research on the subject.

The kick-off was attended by more than 250 people, on stream and physical. The certification has gained national recognition and the pilot won The Confederation of Vocational Units’ Equality award in 2018.

FEMINA has also previously been interested in the certification and some of the working-methods have already been shared in the project.