The FEMINA partners met Friday 05/06 to update each other on ongoing activities in the project and ensure that we are all on schedule to meet our goals within the project. The ongoing pandemic is affecting all partners in various degrees and posing certain problems.  

Stakeholder engagement

Partners have been unable to meet with stakeholders and other relevant actors in person since the Covid-19-crisis effectively shut down large parts of the world mid-March. Despite this, many partners have turned to digital solutions to ensure that the crisis affects project progress the least way possible. Some partners are also facing some bureaucratic obstacles as employees around Europe are unable to meet in-person at their place of work and working from home is not always compatible with all of their tasks.

Upcoming activites

The FEMINA project is now planning upcoming activities that mainly revolves Action plan work. As the first drafts of Action Plans are ready the project will establish Mentoring groups for each Action Plan. The idea is to provide expert support in the various stages of the action plan, both planning and execution. The first drafts of the Action Plans will be ready by September 1st.

In terms of the exchange process, partners will continue to work with stakeholders and engage them in any way possible now that in-person meetings are challenging to achieve. Partners will also continue their work with GP identification.

FEMINA Convention Five

The final topic on the agenda was the fifth Convention due to take place in Bucharest. During the convention, the project was going to exchange action plans, hold the first mentoring sessions, and hold the fifth steering committee meeting. It is very unlikely that we will be able to meet in person and the project will discuss the matter further in August/September to evaluate the ongoing situation.