SODERCAN briefly went through the timeline of the project, highlighting the finished topics, and recapping the identified barriers and enablers. They went on to inform the stakeholders on the ongoing work related to Action Plan development.  

The DG Women’s Issues and Gender Equality informed the stakeholders on the Actions selected for the Dream Action Plans. The first action is implementing a gender-aware method in kindergartens. This will help to break down gender stereotypes from an early age, as well as ensuring familiarity and interest in technology from an early age. The action has been divided into three phases, namely diagnosis and itinerary design, Development of a pilot study, and Implementation at the regional level. The second action is Networking STEM with two goals: to apply the STEM Talent Girl mentoring program in higher education and to establish collaborative networks between public administration, university, and private sector. The action is also divided into three phases where the first is focused on attracting talent, the second is to establish collaborative networks among relevant actors, and finally implementation at the regional level. Finally, the third action is called “Labor ESO 2.0” with the goal of promoting awareness in female secondary school students to advanced high tech vocational studies. The first phase will be focusing on diagnosis and itinerary design, while the second phase will focus on collaborative networks among actors involved, and finally the third phase will focus on implementation at the regional level.