The meeting started with a short presentation of the FEMINA-project, and lots of discussions about participants' needs and questions, barriers and how to find GP’s. These are the main issues that were discussed:

1. As a first point, we talked about what we have with us into the meeting and what we want to get out of the meeting. Several participants have personal experience of working in the industry, there was openness, frustration, a lot of personal drive to work with the question, need for ways to work strategically with gender equality and we all shared the task of working with gender equality within our organizations. There was a desire to understand the project better and see how it is possible to connect to one’s own work.

2. The capacity and will of participating organizations were discussed. All organizations must work with gender equality and there is much knowledge to benefit from in the group. Many have access to large networks to take the matter further.

3. We talked about the importance of looking closer at so-called gender-equal companies, what the distribution looks like within the company and who has the power. Gender equality is not something we can achieve once and for all, but it has to be continuous and long-term.

4. What appeared to be of great importance is to work with norms and attitudes. We agreed that there is a culture and jargon in the industry that shuts out groups. Important in the work is not to put the problem on the women and not get stuck in “solutions” that target women.