CMO STAMM is a networking organisation and facilitation body for government agencies, knowledge institutes, businesses and intermediate organisations (SNN and SER), active in the northern part of the Netherlands. CMO STAMM is the co-writer of the RIS3 for the Northern Netherlands. Moreover, their research office investigates gender, labour market, education and participation issues.

CMO STAMM is recently merged with ENOVA, the emancipation office of the region. Their expertise was incorporated into CMO STAMM. In 2008, CMO STAMM has gained the second place in the European Award for female entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they cooperate in an active network of almost 40 female self-employed entrepreneurs in the ICT-sector and an active network of female entrepreneurs in the border region Germany-The Netherlands called ‘Federation4Women’. CMO STAMM works closely together with, a network that makes highly-qualified, board-ready women more visible in the Netherlands.

CMO STAMM works on a new approach of "peer to peer" method for highly-educated women, which can contribute to structure the FEMINA mentoring programme.