GCE NODE is an expert Advisory Partner for the FEMINA consortium. In this role, GCE NODE is responsible for Communication and provides thematic input to interregional exchange activities. Concerning thematic input GCE NODE, together with a network of relevant partners, brings academic (Center of gender equality at the university) and practical knowledge (NODE EYDE WOMEN - NEW) and experience in policy development (Vest-Agder County Council). Concerning communication, ECWT coordinates the implementation of activities defined in the Communication Plan (described in the Section C.5 and Section D). ECWT, a European level meeting place for leading public-private actors, academia and NGOs, has the skills and network to design and implement communication tools proposed for FEMINA, which range from events, to on-line media, to video work (with some modifications). GCE NODEs mission is to add value to work undertaken by individual Member States in terms of number of girls and women in technology, while suggesting European level solutions and enabling EU level impact measurement. GCE NODE with network will provide state of the art knowledge and insights (including input from their members) to FEMINA partners, largely during the FEMINA conventions and mentoring groups. They will make recommendations on the decisions proposed by partners within their Action Plans. In this sense, they also assist in the exploitation and sustainability of project results beyond the project period.