DG Women Issues and Gender Equality (Dirección General de Igualdad y Mujer) is part of the Regional Ministry for University, Research, Environment and Social Policies of the Government of Cantabria (Gobierno de Cantabria) in charge of promoting gender equality across the region and in all policies. This DG also has a networking capacity to involve other local and regional stakeholders (policy makers, namely Dg Innovation, DG Economy and European Affairs, business representatives and innovation intermediaries, representatives of female entrepreneurs, social stakeholders and gender experts).

This DG has developed different activities related to this subject such: seminars, info-days, communication strategies to promote gender equality and also a specific program to offer tailored assistant services for women entrepreneurs on technological aspects (use of internet, social media tools, etc). The team is integrated by experts on gender issues with large competences and experience.

During FEMINA, DG Women Issues and Gender Equality hope to discover experience and good practices in these fields. They will then consider which can be included in the Action Plan to improve the selected policy instruments.