Never before has so many girls applied to the male dominated construction, technology and industrial educations as in 2021. In 2012 the number of girls applying for these subjects were 4% for construction and 12% for technology and industry. This number has risen to 10 and 16%, the Norwegian Department of Education and Research states in a press release.

It’s great to see that more girls want to educate themselves in areas traditionally dominated by men. I think more girls hava gained an interest in these programs, and that they see that not only boys go into these fields, says Norwegian Education- and Research minister Guri Melby (V).

This shows that politicians don’t have to micro manage and establish extra point systems, quotation systems and similar. Boys and girls go into good education programs if they want. Our job is to ensure good quality in the programs and a good labor market. This allows the youth to make their own decisions, says Roy Steffensen (Leader of the education- and research committee) to NTB.


The last few years about half of students starting high school has applied for vocational subjects. In 2021 this amount is a little over half – 51%. There are 1000 more applicants for vocational subjects compared to the study preparation subjects.

This government has had a lot of focus on and promoted vocational subjects over several years and this is paying off. More people are applying for vocational subjects, more are getting apprenticeships and more graduate and get their trade certificates. This is important for the individual, but also for Norway.


Numbers also show that 21600 applied for apprenticeships this year, which is an increase of 900 applicants compared to last year.

- The corona pandemic has made it more difficult to get an apprenticeship, which is why the government has implemented a range of actions aimed at apprentices and apprentice subjects which have been particularly affected, says the education minister.

Among other things, the government will continue the 170 MNOK extraordinary increase in apprenticeship grants this spring, the stimulus grant for apprentices is continued with 100 MNOK and another 150 MNOK is given for trade certificates for students, which is an extended offer for students which don’t get offered an apprenticeship.

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