The Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM) wants more women in top positions at companies in the provinces Drenthe, Groningen and Fryslân

The NOM has the desire to increase diversity in the businesses of the Northern-Netherlands.

The NOM wants to turn their words into action. The development agency has set an ambitious goal: within three years, all start-ups and scale-ups in which they invest should have a management team that comprises at least 35% out of women. ‘And this includes our own investment team’.

The NOM has sought cooperation with Founded Fryslân and Founded Groningen. They will join an initiative by in order to create equal access to funding opportunities.

There is no equality

The numbers show us that there is currently no equality. ‘Less than 2% of the venture capital investments in the Netherlands, went to companies that were founded and led by women. Another 6,8 percent went to diverse teams’.

If we want to have a leading position in the Northern-Netherlands when it comes to diversity, we should not only stick to words but take some concrete steps”, according to Dina Boonstra, the CEO of the NOM.