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Digital transformation of health based on the disruptive technologies of 4th Ind

Networking zone 15:30-16:00 networking talks

Industry 4.0 involves developing and using technological and digital innovations in various sectors of economy and society. Health is one of the most significantly affected sectors by this revolution in many directions, ranging from healthcare system management to better provision of medical assistance to individuals. Policymakers and governments, alongside the private sector and the research community, may find it challenging to collaborate closely to realize the benefits of I4.0 exploitation and employment in the health sector. In general, I4.0 allows the interconnection between several networks and systems, decentralized decisions, and the provision of technical assistance while guaranteeing information transparency. The idea is to convince policymakers to take into account suggestions of how I4.0 technologies can transform the healthcare system and invest in the common well-being.

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