The number of electric cars is increasing rapidly in Sweden. To expand the charging infrastructure Stockholm Region has taken several steps forward in 2018. Here just some of them:

2018 was the year the regional development plan for Stockholm Region – RUFS 2050 was adopted. One of the priorities of this plan is to increase electric transport to achieve the goal of becoming a region without climate impact emissions. And Stockholm’s climate efforts will from now on be organised through a special climate office.

Another important milestone was the EV Energy Regional Stakeholder Event Stockholm Region hosted in April. In addition to the international public, the event also gathered the most important regional players. In a workshop the most important points for a rapid expansion of electric mobility were concluded. Read them here.  

  Stockholm region furthermore started a new Interreg Europe project called SmartEdge together with other European partners. This means another chance to support the regional climate strategy through international commitment. SmartEdge is focused on 8 edge cities centers within Stockholm Region to improve climate, energy and urban policies through low-carbon economy policies.