ANCI Lazio and EUR spa, both partners of EV Energy project attended the “Urban Mobility for Energy Transition” in Barcelona on the 3 October together with two of their main stakeholders from the Lazio region Administration. A perfect opportunity to demonstrate and lobby for our project’s objective: To integrate electric mobility with renewable energies.

With success! ANCI Lazio and EUR spa have just reached an agreement with the Lazio Region Administration and the Managing Authority to proceed with an extraordinary and innovative call for tender under the Action 4.6.1 of the ROP ERDF period 2014-2020 worth EUR 20 million. The call concerns the construction of new parking areas in the metropolitan area of Rome, framed as Park and Rides, addressing daily commuters coming from the inland of the Lazio region going to the city of Rome.

This initiative is particularly relevant for EV Energy as it will include a new rule in the design and construction of the targeted Park and Rides. More precisely, a constraint was set to install a certain number of charging stations for electric vehicles every hundred parking stalls. Furthermore, the new charging infrastructures will have to be connected to photovoltaic systems, unless the regulatory restrictions existing for the area concerned impede this solution. The initiative will be launched shortly and the call for tender published in 2019.

And… we can rightly claim that EV Energy had its bit in that!