On the 24-25 April 2018 Interreg Europe has invited projects from all 3 programme calls to the #ExperienceFair in Sofia Bulgaria. The event was all about exchanging experiences among projects and getting inspired by different approaches and ways diverse projects handle the same kind of challenges. To this end, Interreg took the projects on a “journey through project implementation” – EV Energy was there to undertake this virtual travel together with almost 300 further Interreg projects.

... and as this simply is with travels, we made tons of enriching encounters, gained many new insights and, above all, could move one step further towards our destination: The successful implementation of our project and hence a tangible contribution to fostering a low-carbon economy in Europe.

What have we learned?

In general:

About how to mobilise stakeholders in your region:

  • Do it in a structured way: Identify, sort, plan, involve and monitor them!

About how to transfer practices and experiences:

  • Keep focused on the final objective: policy improvement
  • Design a path that flows from meeting to meeting, scheduling intermediate activities and deadlines
  • Provide partners with guidance (clear methodology, templates, tools)
  • Make your activities as participative as possible to maintain interest and make the most of the exchange

About how to achieve results, action plans and improved regional policies:

  • Form a legitimate partnership in between project partners and regional stakeholders
  • Communicate a vision and purpose with concrete cases
  • Facilitate the capacity (knowledge) transfer at (inter)personal, (inter)organisational and political level
  • Be realistic and reactive to the local context while developing an action plan

You can check out the full information about the event on the Interreg Europe website. 

A big thanks to Interreg Europe for organising this event for us, it was of great benefit for our project!