The first stakeholder meeting in Stockholm on 16th of June 2017 is an important step towards a continued regional collaboration around the issue of EVs and the related infrastructure.

The meeting, attended by 12 different organisations, led to an overview of the pre-conditions, potentials and challenges of the Stockholm region in form of a SWOT-analysis.

Some key points and lessons learned are:

• There are many ongoing EV related projects in the Stockholm region that have been mentioned by the stakeholder group and that previously not have been regarded in the EV Energy project

• Politically there are various crucial things to overcome: change resistance, better adapted rules for charging facilities, more information about the advantages of e-mobility in urban areas, more “positive” regulations (e.g. environmental zones) would be needed and the existing rule of technic neutrality of the Swedish procurement system is a potential hinder for the mass introduction of EVs that would be needed to reach the region’s climate goals

• Stockholm is not on the top list of the most innovative city regions in the world when it comes to e-mobility

• It is very important to better highlight the total cost of ownership of EVs

• Too strict new mobility rules in cities (e.g. zero zones) can damage many small and middle sized companies that cannot purchase clean vehicles as EVs

• Socially: awareness rising is a very important effort – e-mobility is not yet in people’s minds

• The gender aspect of e-mobility could be analysed a little bit more

• EV charging facilities risk to become out-dated fast – this risk must be discussed when installing a big number of new charging stations in Stockholm and its vicinity

• Urban planning regulations and principles should be altered when e-mobility becomes a rule

• Light e-vehicles can replace many other fossil driven vehicles especially in urban environments (both freight and passenger transport)

• It is important to inform decision-makers about the EV Energy project


The next regional stakeholder event in November 2017 will gather even more organisations.