Project good practices

Amsterdam’s demand-driven charging infrastructure

Summary: Amsterdam’s extensive public network of EV charging points is the backbone for the city’s ambitions in electric transport to guarantee charging facilities.

Location: Other, Afghanistan

SPARK - Electric Car Sharing

Summary: SPARK is an electric car sharing service supporting local sustainable urban mobility plans, reducing congestions, parking shortages, pollution and noise levels.

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

FlexPower Pilot Amsterdam (Static Smart Charging)

Summary: Amsterdam is preparing for an expected increase of electric cars and more and more locally generated renewable energy in the city.

Location: Noord-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)

LIVE Platform for the Promotion of Sustainable Mobility with...

Summary: LIVE Platform (Logistics for the Implementation of the Electric Vehicle) is an open public-private platform that promotes the use of electric vehicles

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

Electric Transport Systems – DANCER BUS

Summary: DANCER BUS - is an initiative to create a new generation super lightweight electric city bus using state of the art technologies.

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

Clean vehicles in Stockholm

Summary: The Clean vehicles program works for a fast transition to clean cars and to improve the access to renewable fuels including electricity.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige)

Electric free floating car sharing service

Summary: Share’ngo, the Free floating electric car sharing service in Rome since February 2016, to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion

Location: Lazio, Italy (Italia)

High speed power line and web interaction integrated with Fast EV...

Summary: Combined Charging System – CCS, a pilot action for fast charging points, using the Power Line Communication – PLC system and existing public lampposts

Location: Lazio, Italy (Italia)

PIRVEC (Strategic Plan for deployment of charging infrastructure...

Summary: PIRVEC (Strategic Plan for the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Catalonia) aims to remove hurdles for EV development in the region

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

Promoting websites for e-mobility

Summary: Websites promoting e-mobility are important information channels for enterprises and private users to make the step towards using electric vehicles.

Location: Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)

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