Our project officially started in January 2017. Since then we are actively working towards the Kick-off meeting in the Netherlands, where we will discuss and tackle the first goals and give our project some drive!

Amsterdam is the location of our project lead partner Green IT Amsterdam who organises this first meeting for us together with our second partner from the Netherlands, the Province of Flevoland. Our two Italian partners EUR S.p.A and ANCI Lazio as well as the partners from the Stockholm County Council and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce will set off to the Dutch capital to join the meeting.

We are all excited to get to know Amsterdam’s and Lelystad's energy and mobility policies. Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general are known as pioneers in the areas of renewable energy and electric mobility. Thus they have plenty of experience to share with their European partners. We are all keen to learn about their approaches and solutions and to visit key facilities on the spot!

On the agenda of the two-day long kick-off meeting there is a study visit to the Airport of Lelystad, where we will learn about the local context, successful practices and the key issues to overcome.

We are sure that this meeting will enrich our knowledge on renewable energy and mobility systems in our partner countries and set the base for interregional policy learning.

You will soon hear about the news and outcomes from our kick-off meeting.