On June 30th, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia together with the University of Deusto, have organised the 2nd Local Stakeholders Meeting of the EU_SHAFE project.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions about F2F meetings, the event has been held on-line and has foreseen the participation of a consistent number of key local stakeholders, representing the government, the research, the industry, the health and social sectors. 

The meeting aimed at presenting the EU_SHAFE good practices gathered in the various regions participating to the project and recorded in the project Aggregated Assessment Report, related to the WHO Domain 1. Housing.

After the good practices’ presentation, time has been dedicated to a joint analysis of them and to a first assessment of the opportunities and constrains related to their possible replicability and scale up on different territories.

Finally, instructions have been given to the audience for contributing to the project survey conceived for collecting interregional feedback on the different good practices and to identify and analyse the room for improvement in the different project’s addressed WHO domains. 


                                   Luana Ferreira and Pedro Fernandez de Larrinoa (Deusto UD)