On the 2nd of July, Cáritas Coimbra organized the 2nd Stakeholders meeting of the EU_Shafe project, in view of the contingency experienced at this time and ensuring the health and safety of all, Cáritas Coimbra resorted to new technologies and gathered through videoconference.


This meeting aimed at sharing knowledge, good practices and policies focused on domain 1 - Housing and introduced 6 good practices from each European project partner (Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Portugal). At the end of the good practices presentation, stakeholders, specialists in this area, had the opportunity to complete a questionnaire through which it will be possible to see if the examples presented are possible to replicate and what are the constraints. 

The EU_SHAFE project is co-funded by the Interreg Europe program and aims to influence and improve policies and practices in 7 European regions through a comprehensive approach to Smart, Healthy and Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE).