Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia held the 2nd Stakeholder Meeting of the EU_SHAFE project, on June 18th 2020, which took place at Šmartno pri Litiji Library, Municipality Šmartno pri Litiji. There were 20 participants.

Development Center of the Heart of Slovenia prepared the conclusions of the first workshop, where ideas for a joint project on the quality of living for the elderly were created, and the aim of the second meeting was to learn about good practices from Europe and continue preparing a joint project.


Six good practices were presented, namely Autonomous Homes Pinhal (Portugal), The Housing team (Denmark), Vernetztes Wohnen im Quartier (Germany), Dunleer Sustainable Energy Community (Ireland), GIZATEK (Spain) and Co-Housing “Let’s stay together”(Italy). The presentation was followed by a discussion with the participants in order to determine the appropriateness of good practices in local environment. They pointed out that more sheltered housing and homes for the elderly are needed. The most interesting to them is the good practice from Portugal, since houses are sustainable, with all infrastructure and affordable. They also highlighted the importance of using technology where the elderly need support and education. The good practice “The housing team” has also brought some attention. After the discussion the questionnaires were jointly completed for each good practice.


The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the first formulation of the project idea and the emphasis was on quick perception of problems in the field, good coordination and quick problem solving. It was pointed out that informal carers (relatives) need training and education how to take care of the elderly, especially when they come from hospitals. Slovenia is lagging behind in the field of lifelong learning, so an upgrade is urgently needed. Education for a healthy age, the organization of a festivals, entertainment and socializing were also recognized as important. The project idea, that concerns healthy living of the elderly, is being prepared together with 6 Heart of Slovenia Municipalities. Municipalities will apply on LAG call with a common project, that will also include good practises from EU_SHAFE project.