The EU_SHAFE project has just reached its first milestone. As it starts its second semester of activities, the project delivers an Aggregated Assessment Report containing 40 good practices in Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments (SHAFE) that were collected from the seven European ecosystems participating in the project.

The practices were collected during meetings held with local stakeholders who are carrying out relevant initiatives in SHAFE at the regional level and approach 4 from the 8 SHAFE domains defined by the WHO Age-Friendly Cities Framework, i.e. Housing, Social Participation, Communication and Information, and Health and Community Services. The report also contains six cross-themed practices related to methods and processes that encompass the other four themes.

Based on a ‘learning by sharing’ methodology, the EU_SHAFE aims to improve Policy Instruments and practices in SHAFE in the seven European regions involved. Therefore, in the second semester of the project, stakeholders were invited to evaluate the eight practices collected under Domain 1 – Housing and to identify initiatives to implement in their own value chains. In addition, an Online Interregional Meeting was organized by Campania Region last June. During the event, participating regions had the chance to exchange their knowledge and initiatives related to Housing and to discuss improvements that can be made in local policies relating to SHAFE.