The 3rd meeting of the Local Action Group, Ireland took place on the 7th May 2020 by Zoom. The stakeholders represented were, Louth County Council, TU Dublin, Louth Age Friendly Alliance, Louth Economic Forum, Northern and Western Regional Assembly, Louth Age Friendly Co-ordinator, Age Friendly Ireland Regional Manager and the EU_SHAFE Project (Ireland) Co-ordinator and researcher.

The aim of the meeting was to focus on the Good Practices presented under the EU_SHAFE Project. Prior to the meeting a summary of all of the Good Practices along with a copy of the survey questions was sent out to participants.

The meeting began with a warm welcome from Joan Martin, Chair of the LAG. Following this Claudia Fernandez, our project researcher, presented three slides providing an analysis of the Good Practices of the EU_SHAFE project. The slides included one on breakdown by activity involved, stakeholders involved and funding mechanisms. Mary Deery, Louth Age Friendly Co-ordinator, then presented a one page document on how the good practices fit within the Irish policy context. A lengthy and energetic discussion followed on the Good Practices and the challenges that would be faced in transferring the Good Practices to Ireland.

The view of the Northern & Western Regional Assembly representative was sought on how best to raise awareness of SHAFE through the EU funding framework going forward, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 situation. It was agreed that the next step for the EU_SHAFE project would be to complete the Good Practices survey and to continue working on making submissions to the Irish EU ROP public consultations.