On January 22nd 2020, in Dundalk, Ireland, the delegation of researchers and visiting scholars from TU Dublin (Dr. Damon Berry, Dr. John McGrory, Mrs. Claudia Fernandes and Dr. Claudia Porfirione) joined the 4th Joint Gathering ‘Highlighting Cross Border Collaborations in Digital Health’ organised by ECHAlliance.

During the gathering TU Dublin researchers, members of the tPOT research group presented a first outline of the state-of-the-art research on the European Interreg project EU – SHAFE: European Smart Healthy Age Friendly Environments. A delegation of more than 50 participants all across Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland joined the meeting and new alliances and future collaborations have been created.

This year started with a thoughtful presentation from tPOT research group on “Crossing Borders on Smart Age Friendly Environments: the EU_SHAFE experience” and it is expected to have a series of public stakeholder events in the following months.