The meeting aimed at the identification of the Planning Instrument to be targeted by the EU_SHAFE Stakeholders Group in Campania.

Indeed, this Stakeholders meeting has been critical to activate the collaborations needed for the future implementation and exploitation of the project results.

The meeting provided the opportunity to share with the key stakeholders the goals of the EU_SHAFE project, and to implement a methodology - called “learning through sharing” - for an innovative approach to the demographic change by exchanging experiences oriented to improve the political multilevel tools. The Local Stakeholders Group will stimulate an inclusive and cooperative ecosystem between public authorities, European networks and users associations merging their experiences and competences with universities and companies know-how on research and planning for the growth of community based services and the “Aging in one’s own native land” in Europe.

During the meeting, coordinated by M. Illario, many topics have been discussed. Among the others, attention has been paid to the identification of possible links and synergies between EU_SHAFE and the Social European Fund planning, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention programmes, and to the identification of instruments for SHAFE implementation in Campania in the framework of the region Unitary Planning.

Moreover, possibilities to boost the project dissemination action on the territory have been faced identifying the ProMIS networks in the local health care authorities Salerno and Napoli 1 as appropriate multipliers actors.

An extended meeting has been already planned for next December 2019, involving the [email protected] Working Group on “Innovative approaches to the integration of Health Services” to give further input to the work already commenced during the first Stakeholders Meeting in Campania.