Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia has been promoting a better quality of life for the elderly for many years. One of such project is EU_SHAFE, which addresses smart, healthy and age-friendly environments. The most important result of the implemented activities is certainly the preparation of a joint project for the elderly "Establishment of a model and services to help the elderly at home - Point for the elderly", which was approved in the Local Action Group (LAG) tender at the end of March 2021.

Within the framework of EU_SHAFE, three stakeholder meetings have already been organized for the Heart of Slovenia key organizations targeting the elderly sector . European good practices on housing and social participation were presented, with an emphasis on the needs of the local environment. At the first meeting, a workshop was held to formulate a common project idea for applying to the LAG tender, and according to the conclusions of all meetings, the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia organized a workshop for all potential partners of the future project from the various LAG municipalities. The meeting took place in Dol pri Ljubljani, where the Oreli Institute from Kamnik presented a framework project idea based on their knowledge, experience and activities in the area of the municipality of Kamnik.



                                            Meeting with potential project partners in LAG project for elderly, Dol pri Ljubljani

Considering all the collected information, initiatives, proposals and good practices of the EU_SHAFE project, the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia has started coordinating the preparation of the application for the LAG tender. The goal was to have one partner from each LAG municipality in order to cover the entire area. Municipality of Litija, Municipality of Lukovica and Pensioners' Association Šmartno pri Litiji joined the partnership and the leading partner of the project is LAG Heart of Slovenia. The external expert of the project is Oreli Institute from Kamnik, as their already functioning system for helping the elderly at home can be upgraded according to EU_SHAFE good practices and transferred to other municipalities of the LAG Heart of Slovenia. The project was also inspired by EU_SHAFE good practice from Louth (Ireland) »Drogheda and District Support 4 Older People”.

The project will enable the transfer of knowledge and practical experience through lectures and workshops. A strategy for the development of services for the elderly will be designed for each partner municipality basing on the analysis of the current situation and the desired one. The results of this analysis will set the scene for planning the improvement of existing services and the introduction of new ones. Three points for the elderly will be conceived to provide individual services (counseling, home help), a network of participating organizations and a network of volunteers. On 25 March 2021, the LAG Assembly approved the "Point for the Elderly" project. After the final approval of the project by the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development, the project will be implemented during 2021 and 2022.

The next activity of the EU_SHAFE project is a stakeholder meeting in May 2021, where European good practices on communication and information will be presented.