Thank you for being part of #europecooperates! We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did! 

If you missed the livestream, check out the video recording. The presentation slides from the online speakers and links to further details are available below. You can also find some additional follow-up suggestions to keep cooperating.

Feel free to share your experiences, ideas or follow-up comments via social media and #europecooperates.

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Now what? 

Continue to cooperate

Share your solutions and find ideas

What kind of solutions has your region found to address the COVID-19 crisis? Do you have solutions to share? Make them visible and add your examples to our 'Let's share!' page. 

If you are looking for inspiration to tackle some specific challenges, you can also post your questions and crowdsource some new ideas for recovery. 

Reach out to new contacts

Events come and go, but networking doesn't have to stop. You can still have a look at the list of 1000+ participants registered for #europecooperates and find new contacts. Browse the list attendees, filter it according to your interests (country, region, themes or activities of interest) and keep up the conversation! 

Make use of #policylearning resources

The possibilities to get inspired, exchange and work together in these special moments continue beyond ‘Europe, let’s cooperate’. Check out these Policy Learning Platform activities and get involved:


Expert support

Our team of experts from the Policy Learning Platform is prioritising support and advice to public authorities dealing with COVID-19 matters. Get personalised advice on your regional challenge by accessing the expert support.

Good practice database

From telemedicine to support to companies or pedestrianisation solutions, our good practice database includes already some useful ideas in the current context. Explore the available solutions and find inspiration for the regional challenges you are facing. You can also submit your good practices!

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