Ramon Sentmartí (Managing Director at project partner organisation Prodeca) presented the EUREGA Interreg project during the Fine Food Business Forum. This international event was held in Barcelona (Spain) from 3rd to 4th July.

This business event organised by Prodeca gathered together 30 Catalan fine food producers and 40 importers and distributers from 16 different countries. Ramon Sentmartí took advantage of this remarkable platform to present one of the EUREGA’s objectives closely aligned with the Fine Food Business Forum; this is the importance to stimulate gastronomy as part of the cultural heritage to identify and promote new opportunities for regional economic development. 

Catalan cultural heritage on agrifood

Catalonia offers a variety of agrifood products whose high quality emanates from its values such as tradition, craft, the quality of the land, exclusivity and unique history (origin, person and territory). Therefore, the Forum was a great opportunity to present regional fine food products emphasising as a key element that they are part of the Catalan cultural heritage to add value and to positioning on the market.