The theme of the 3rd EUREGA Interreg Europe Interregional Exchange visit in Kuopio on 18 – 20 June 2019 is gastronomy and health. Therefore, the EUREGA Interreg Europe project partners and stakeholders from all over Europe will be given insights on the Finnish knowhow on the topic.  

A healthy Nordic lifestyle

Attendees will also learn about the Nordic Diet with its wholegrain products, berries and freshwater fish. In the end of the knowledge exchange visit days the group will have heard from the experts on the topic as well as they will have tasted how the Nordic Diet is integrated in the Finnish and Pohjois-Savo cuisine.

An interesting point to make with regards the Nordic Diet is that the ingredients such as wild berries and freshwater fish are easily available for anyone in Finland. The everyman’s rights guarantee that anyone can pick berries and go fishing (to some extent without any additional permissions). This ease to access healthy ingredients can also be seen and tasted in the Pohjois-Savo region cuisine.

Access to healthy school lunches

Free school lunch is also something that is considered one of Finland’s and Pohjois-Savo region’s strengths within the theme of gastronomy and health. As the schools are closed by the time of the knowledge exchange meeting days in Kuopio, the group will visit a local nursery school instead in order to experiment with an example of the free school lunch. And a proper local Pohjois-Savo experiment it is, as the EUREGA group is invited to join the nursery school children for a nursery school lunch!

Want to know more?

The three days of the Interregional Knowledge Exchange will be filled with information, examples and Pohjois-Savo region’s good practices within the theme of gastronomy and health. Anyone interested on the topic, is welcome to contact Mrs. Ilona Sares, International Executive Director at ProAgria Pohjois-Savo via [email protected]