As part of the Circular Week 2020, EURE partner Alba Iulia will host a virtual study tour to a pilot developed under the PlastiCircle project. City authorities, waste managers, procurers, companies and other plastic stakeholders are invited to join this meeting taking place next October, 15 (10:00 - 11.00 CEST).

The PlastiCircle approach will be presented so that others can learn from the project experience, and think about replicating or adapting the solutions, technologies and processes developed and implemented with the goal of transforming plastic packaging waste into valuable products. From smart containers to increase collection rates of plastic waste, to cost-effective waste transport systems connected to IoT cloud platforms, these are some of the innovations being tested as part of PlastiCircle, an EU-funded project. Throughout the virtual study tours, speakers will also share their lessons-learnt.

More information and registration: